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Early Years Exhibition: Learning Comes to Life!

NIS Primary School proudly hosted its inaugural Early Years Exhibition, an inspiring event for parents that connected and showcased the profound learning journeys of our youngest students. The exhibition embodied our innovative Early Years philosophy through a vibrant range of student-driven projects, reflecting the depth and breadth of early childhood curiosity, intellect, and creativity.

Embracing Young Voices

We believe that young children are capable, confident learners. As explained by Ms. Jacqui Patrick, our Primary School Principal, the core of our Early Years programme is a "pedagogy of listening." This approach emphasises the importance of paying close attention to children's actions, thinking, theories, and interests, allowing these to shape their educational experience – a wonderful expression of our award-winning NIS Strategy components of Student Voice and Student Choice.

“Our teachers take what children are interested in and what they say and think very seriously,” Ms. Patrick said. “This ensures that learning is not just a pre-set, rigid curriculum, but a dynamic, responsive process driven by the children’s own voices and curiosity.”

Learning at NIS Early Years is rooted in a combination of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) and Reggio Emilia-inspired practices. This unique blend promotes an inquiry-based approach, where children are encouraged to explore their questions and ideas in a supportive environment. The Reggio Emilia aspect champions the role of the environment as the "third teacher," fostering an atmosphere of exploration and discovery through deep, meaningful interactions.

Celebrating the Learning Journey

The Early Years Exhibition featured a diversity of projects, each a testament to the capabilities and natural curiosity of young learners. For instance, one young student’s fascination with the ocean led to an exploration of marine life and the different shades of blue found in the sea. Another project involved designing an escape room, demonstrating early problem-solving skills and creativity. One even wrote their own storybook. These projects underscore the belief that young learners are inherently capable and eager to understand the world around them.

A key message of the Early Years Exhibition was the importance of the learning process itself.

“The goal is not just to make a product,” said Ms. Patrick. “When you read what went into the making of them, that’s the value. My hope is that parents see what it is that children are doing during inquiry and play-based learning – that it’s important, it’s rich, and it’s rigorous. By engaging with the detailed documentation provided by teachers, parents can better understand and value the educational journeys of their children.”

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