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Dragons Dance, Spirits Soar: NIS CNY Celebrations

The NIS community came together in an inspiring celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year with the inclusive spirit of international-mindedness, personal excellence, and creative thinking that defines our school. The festivities kicked off with school leaders greeting students with hongbao containing treats to symbolize good wishes and blessings for the New Year. The Square buzzed with excitement as our all-student dragon dance team performed outdoors for a large audience of parents, students, and staff – a spectacle of coordination and cultural homage that set the tone for the day's celebrations!

As the morning unfolded, both the Primary and Secondary assemblies were filled with student-led performances that spanned the rich spectrum of Chinese culture. From dance and song to poetry, drama, and more, these performances not only highlighted the artistic talents of our learners but also served as a bridge to connect our diverse community with the vibrant traditions of our host country, China.

“This year's Lunar New Year celebrations were a heartfelt journey into the cultural traditions of China, connecting our students and community with the warmth and joy of this special season," said Primary Deputy Principal Zhang Bo.

The festivities continued with a bustling Primary CNY Fun Fair in our Hutong Mandarin learning space, complete with Chinese games, crafts, snacks, and activities, each an opportunity to immerse our younger students in the culture surrounding the Lunar New Year. It was a fusion of learning, fun, and bursting the bubble!

The day was a vivid reminder of our commitment to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every student is encouraged to explore and appreciate the many cultures that make up our global community. 新年快乐!

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