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Autumn Festival Returns!

Our frightfully delightful Autumn Festival is the biggest and most anticipated PTA event of the school year and a hallmark for our NIS community. Students, parents, and staff dress up in their spookiest, most stylish, or simply silly costumes. This year, Autumn Festival came back and bigger than ever – hundreds of members of our inclusive learning community joined for a night filled with scrumptious food, enthralling games, and a spine-chilling haunted house. Our Centre building was transformed with hair-raising decorations that spilled out into our campus Square and beyond!

Leading up to the big night was a spirited student pumpkin carving contest where children from all grade levels showcased their creativity. Every boo-ti-ful jack-o-lantern was on display during the Autumn Festival, shimmering in all their glory.

Huge thanks to our amazing PTA volunteers for all their hard work and dedication to make this event so super-natural!

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