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School News

Anatomy in Action!

NIS Secondary IB Biology students recently engaged in an exciting practical exploration of how the human heart works. This hands-on exploration allowed young scientists to observe external and internal structures, including the four chambers, valves, and major blood vessels of a pig heart.

Global Citizen Diploma Journey Enters 5th Year

Our school is dedicated to cultivating students who are not only academically adept but also embody the essence of global citizenship – their stories are more than numbers. This November, NIS proudly enters another vibrant chapter with our signature Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) programme.

Podcast: Joyful Learning

In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, the concept of 'joyful learning' is gaining increasing prominence. Primary Principal Ms. Jacqui Patrick sheds light on the concept of joyful learning in our Primary School.

Physics in Motion: NIS Catapults

Let fly! In a recent exploration of Physics and Engineering, Secondary students in the signature NIS Design Science course put theory into action. Delving deep into physics simulations and projectile motion, these young minds have crafted an array of pencil catapults, exemplifying the seamless blend of scientific inquiry with a student-led creative design process.

Designing Futures: Inside the NIS Workshop

In our Design Centre’s Workshop, students take part in a unique educational experience that combines theory with tangible practice. It’s a purpose-built space filled with an array of machines for wood, metal, and electronics work, where ideas are taken from conception to creation.

Voices of Learning: The NIS 3-way Conference

Nanjing International School is redefining the traditional parent-teacher conference with a 3-way Conference model that actively engages students, parents, and teachers in a collaborative discussion about student progress and future aspirations.

NIS Playgroup is Back!

The Nanjing International School Playgroup has returned with on-campus sessions for children aged 1-3. For our first gathering, a group of parents from NIS and the wider Nanjing community accompanied their young ones for a morning filled with fun and educational activities.

NIS Welcomes US Consulate's Deputy Consul General

We were honoured to welcome Deputy Consul General Daniel Delk from the US Consulate to our school. It was a memorable day where Mr. Delk and other representatives met with our faculty and Secondary students.