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Food Services

Whether you are lunching on food from the Western Grill, Asian Station, Salad Bar, Sandwich Bar, or choosing from either the Vegetarian or Daily Special, there is something to suit all tastes in our cafeteria.

All our dining options are provided and managed by AdenEdge, a branch of Aden Group.

Founded in 1997, with its headquarters in China, Aden has over 20 years of experience in providing quality catering and facility management services. AdenEdge is the high-end catering and events branch of Aden built on years of industry experience which provides expertise in food and service innovation, technology, sourcing and management. It’s a comprehensive package, starting from customised menus designed by world-class chefs and nutritionists and ending with execution overseen by AdenEdge’s highly professional kitchen managers. At every step along the way, quality and transparency take precedent. To ensure delivery of their commitment the latest in equipment and technology is used for consistently delicious meals.

The primary focus of AdenEdge is to offer safe and nutritionally balance daily meals to the NIS community and support student learning and wellbeing. AdenEdge contributes to enriching the experience of students, school staff, and parents through engagement and outreach programmes such as cooking lessons and nutritional education. Additionally, sustainability is one of the food service solution's top priorities, providing measures that help reduce the environmental impact of kitchen operations and food products.

NIS is a nut free and single-use plastics free campus.

A Look Inside Our Cafeteria

At our Cafeteria, students from Grades 1-12 have a choice of healthy lunch options from the Western Grill, Asian Station, Salad Bar, or Sandwich Bar. Snacks are served at our Deli all day. Seating is available on the ground floor and Mezzanine above. Take a look at our cafeteria in action!

Community Activities

Our Community Activities Programme has been designed to support all members of our NIS Community. There is a wide range of activities throughout the school year for parents and students.

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Parent Life

Our NIS parents are part of a diverse and inclusive community that has members from all across the world. It is a supportive and enriching experience that has been bringing people together from all walks of life for over 30 years.

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Bus Services

Nanjing International School uses the bus services of HomeCaught™ to provide students with safe and efficient transportation to and from school.

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