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School Charities

Our school has committed to formally supporting a number of charities.

Why Contribute?

Charitable activities are important to foster community and global citizenship through individual engagement, participation in collective school events, and developing a broader sense of social responsibility. 

Donating to causes you care about and believe in not only benefits the charities themselves. It is a positive and fulfilling experience that can be deeply rewarding for you too.

In order to provide continuous and sustainable support, and to limit overburdening our community with additional requests for fundraising, additional charities are not normally considered.

Community Activities

Our Community Activities Programme has been designed to support all members of our NIS Community. There is a wide range of activities throughout the school year for parents and students.

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Parent Life

Our NIS parents are part of a diverse and inclusive community that has members from all across the world. It is a supportive and enriching experience that has been bringing people together from all walks of life for over 30 years.

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No matter where our alumni you go in the world or what you do in life, they will always be a Lion – and at Nanjing International School, our alumni are our Pride.

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