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NIS is fully committed to external accreditation with the most highly regarded US, European and Asian based organisations. This requires NIS to reflect on practice and to maintain the excellence of our academic programme in line with the highest international standards.

What’s the difference between accreditation and affiliation?

Accreditation requires successful completion of a stringent and demanding standards-based process of evaluation. Whereas, affiliation is simply membership of an organisation. A simple example is that with accreditation our NIS High School Diploma is accepted by all US universities as a compliment to the IB Diploma.

NIS is accredited by the Council of International School (CIS), the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

These are comments from our last Accreditation Report:

Living our Mission

The entire school community of NIS truly lives their Guiding Statements. Students, faculty, staff and parents are knowledgeable about the school’s Mission and the Visiting Team was impressed by how effectively NIS has become an inclusive learning community. It was clear to the Visiting Team that there Is a real commitment to inspire International mindedness, personal excellence and creative thinking. Throughout the school the Mission and the Strategy Goals “Student Voice and Choice” and “Burst the Bubble”, drive decision-making and educational practice.

Positive Atmosphere for Learning

It is clear that there are many positive things happening at the school. NIS has created an environment where students are actively engaged in learning, teachers are skilled and care about their pupils and parents are well informed and supportive of the school.

Parents spoke highly of the school and its faculty and staff, and they consistently mentioned how happy their children are at NIS and the positive school climate. The creation of the Strategy Team to advance the Strategy Goals fosters a culture of respect for the host country, student responsibility for learning, risk-taking and innovation.

Student and Parent Insight

Students come to NIS with a positive attitude toward learning. There is a polite, upbeat and healthy environment at NIS that nurtures students and provides them the confidence and skills to succeed. Teachers are enthusiastic and have created a student-centred environment that fosters an inquiry based approach to learning.

Students at all levels participate in a wide range of after school activities offered at NIS. In addition, the school campus is utilized by many parents and community groups. Parents informed the Visiting Team that they feel welcomed at the school and appreciate that they are encouraged to use the facility.