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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo
NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo
NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

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NIS Nanjing International School 30th Anniversary Logo

Imagine a School Like No Other.

Student Voice

Each and every student has a voice in their learning.

chinese student voice

I like my school because I can choose how I learn.

Carrie, Primary School

NIS is a place that allows students to be expressive in so many ways and seek our passions to be prepared for the future. NIS allows you to be you.

Kirsten, Secondary School

The school has given me the opportunity to try new things I haven’t tried before and to reflect on my learning.

Fabian, Secondary School

I like the freedom of what we can choose to learn and all the diverse resources we can utilise.

Saelyn, Secondary School

I like the overall diversity of our school.

Guilherme, Secondary School

This school is fantastic because it has so many subjects and activities that I can join.

Seven, Primary School

NIS is fun! Our teachers are kind and caring. There's so much to explore and you'll never do the same thing twice. 

Harris, Primary School

It’s really inclusive here. NIS treats every student the same.

Cindy, Secondary School

NIS is very inclusive and student-supportive.

Constantin, Primary School


What makes NIS a great place to learn?



Average years
of teaching

NIS has an experienced and highly qualified teaching faculty. 


Languages spoken in our community

Our parents, students, and teachers are from all over the world. We celebrate cultural diversity.


School founded

NIS is the first international school for children of foreign experts in Nanjing.


The 1st IB Continuum
in China

NIS has been authorized by the International Baccalaureate since 1998. 


Competitive sports teams

From Grade 4, we have teams competing around China and beyond at the regional ACAMIS sports tournaments.


Languages taught

We teach first language English, Korean, Mandarin, and German. We teach second language English, Mandarin, Spanish, and French. 


Number of After School Activities

The richness and diversity of After School Activities for all ages is something of which we are enormously proud. 


Number of Community Activities

We offer activities for parents before & after school in The Centre where we have a fitness room, classrooms, and dance studio.


Full-time Counsellors

We employ counsellors for Primary and Secondary School because student wellness is of great importance to us.


There is always something happening on campus and in our community. Stay connected with the latest here.



Nanjing International School is an inclusive learning community inspiring international mindedness, personal excellence, creative thinking.



Personal Excellence

International Mindedness

Creative Thinking