Education Technology

NIS is a technology rich school, with all students using wireless laptop computers as an essential tool in their daily learning. Students in Grades 5-12 work in a one-to-one Mac laptop environment, while in Grades 1-4 we have a one-to-one iPad-mini blended learning experience. Our Macquarium, which houses our Mac centre, is a hub of action in the centre of the school serving the needs of students and teachers.

Throughout the school students have access to other technology, particularly in our Design Centre which has a professional level studios for filming and recording. It is the responsibility for the students to decide how best to use the resources available to them. The final products produced by students off all ages in this blended learning environment are impressive.


Nanjing International School policy on School-provided Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks

Developing the skills needed to select, process, evaluate and communicate information in different formats is a fundamental part of education at NIS. The school provides guided internet access for all students as part of their normal class activities. Students in Grade 6 and above may also have independent internet access.

NIS uses technology to enhance the learning experiences of students. It is the responsibility of each student to use ICT for the purpose of learning.

Acceptable Use Guidelines

The following uses of school-provided internet access are not permitted:
1. to access, upload, download or distribute pornographic or obscene material;
2. to upload, download or distribute material depicting gratuitous violence for the purpose of entertainment;
3. to transmit obscene or abusive language;
4. to vandalize, damage or disable the property of others;
5. to access another individual’s materials, information or files without permission;
6. to violate copyright or otherwise use the intellectual property of others without permissions;
7. to use peer-to-peer downloading software or clients

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