The Eco Team was established in 2013 (it was previously known as the 4R group and the Green Team). Last year, we experimented with an Eco Rep from every class from Grade 3 up, but this proved unsuccessful as some members had been lured by C & S points rather than real concern for the environment. This year, however, participation was offered as one of the core C & S activities for Grades 9 & 10, so students with an interest in the environment have joined, whilst anyone from Grade 3 up, who is keen to take action has also been welcomed. This means that we now have a large group of students and some teachers who are striving to raise awareness about the importance of habitual sustainable practice. The main aim of the Eco Team is to ensure people understand why it is necessary to use resources responsibly.

The main event of the year for the Eco Team is Earth Hour in March. This is a community event which aims to educate and persuade people to be more sustainable at home and at work, as well as at school. We are proud to have won the 2015 European Chamber award for Sustainable Growth and Environment Protection for our Earth Hour event, having previously won the award for our LEED silver certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The Eco Team has four sub-committees, each lead by students. We meet as a whole team to share ideas and successes and to plan activities, then we divide off into our sub-groups to work on specifics as follows

Paper Team

To reduce the use of paper, particularly for printing

  • Teaching people how to print on recycled paper
  • Encouraging teachers and students to communicate digitally rather than printing
  • Reminding people to print thoughtfully
  • Promoting the system of orange boxes for reusable paper, blue boxes for recycling paper and green boxes for used paper for printing

Energy Team

To reduce the waste of electricity

  • Remind students and teachers to shut doors, turn off lights and Smartboards when leaving rooms
  • Communicate with the Facilities department to ensure that cleaning and security staff turn off unnecessary lights and heating/cooling systems, especially at week-ends and evenings
  • Educate people about unplugging chargers from laptops, iPads & phones once charged

Waste Team

To reduce waste, particularly the use of plastic and of food

  • Persuade Chartwells to remove plastic containers, cups, straws and cutlery from the cafeteria and to provide reusable items instead
  • Educate students about the problem of food waste and work with the Lunch Committee to find solutions to prevent it
  • Encourage students to bring food without packaging

Publicity Team

To raise the profile of action taken by the Eco Team

  • Show short educational films, skits, talks or poems in assembly
  • Advertise events in assemblies, in the Daily Bulletin and on the Eco Team display board
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