The NIS Board is a mixture of parents, staff and members of the Nanjing expatriate community. Serving on the Board is an honorary position and Board members are not paid. Nanjing International School is a not-for-profit school which means we value transparency and use all school fees for the sole purpose of benefitting our students. This is a unique approach within the context of international schools in Nanjing.

The Board is responsible for policy decisions and for decisions at a strategic level. The Board and Director have different, but complementary roles. The Board selects and hires the Director. The Director selects and hires the staff. The full NIS Board meets a minimum of 5 times during the School year (August to June) including an orientation and training program early in the school year. The Board does most of its work through standing committees (Finance and Governance) which meet as required during the school year.

The Association of Nanjing International School

All Parents and Board Members are members of the Association of the Nanjing International School. An Annual General Meeting of the Association is held in September each year at which the Association reviews the previous year and the Board Chair and Director present the plans and budget for the forthcoming year.

The NIS Board is a hybrid Board with the majority of members being elected by members of the Association of the Nanjing International School to govern the school in partnership with the NIS Director.

The Board Members

Arden Tyoschin

Nationality: Canada
Nanjing since: 2006
Employment: Director Nanjing International School
Children at NIS: both in Grade11
NIS Board since: 2016

Julia Güsten

Board Chair
Nationality: German
Nanjing since: 1996
Employment: GM - Sharehouse
Children at NIS: in Grade 12
NIS Board since: 2000-2008 and 2010

Patrick Heckelmann

Board Vice-Chair
Nationality: German
Nanjing since: 1993
Employment: Owner & GM - Nanjing Skyways Food Ltd
Children at NIS: in Grade 5
NIS Board since: 2001

Monique Taylor

Chair of Governance Committee
Nationality: American
Nanjing Since: 2012
Employment: Campus Dean and Executive Director of the New York Institute of Technology
Children at NIS: in Grade 8
NIS Board since: 2013

Louise Liu

Chair of the Finance Committee
Nationality: Canada
Nanjing since: 2004
Employment: Director of Global Tech Support, Trend Micro Inc.
Children at NIS: in Grade 12
NIS Board since: 2014

Kylie Pretty

Nationality: Australian
Nanjing Since: 2015
Employment: NIS Teacher
Children at NIS: in Grade 6 and Grade 8
NIS Board since: 2016

Patrick Fitzgerald

Nationality: Australia
Nanjing since: 2012
Employment: Ford Motor Company
Children at NIS: in Grade 6 and Grade 11
NIS Board since: 2015


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