In the pursuit of creating balanced lifestyles, NIS provides opportunities for students to participate in a range of activities. The school believes that activities are an integral part of the overall education process. Our programmes aim to provide students with opportunities to cultivate and enrich existing skills, explore new areas of interest and to grow physically, socially and cognitively, and adjust to life in China. We seek to offer a broad range of activities over the course of the school year in an effort to cater to the varied interests of our students.

B. Cultural Activities

NIS participates in an extensive range of cultural activities with other International schools and local Chinese schools. These include:

Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS)

NIS attends a number of cultural events at other International schools in China. These vary year to year but typically include events such as Math Olympiads, Cultural Conventions, Speech and Debate, Kids Read, MUN and Film events. NIS also hosts some ACAMIS events e.g. Kids Read, Speech and Debate and MUN. Go to for more details about ACAMIS.

International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA)

NIS is an active participant of ISTA. We regularly attend PYP, Middle School and High School ISTA events in China as well as hosting ISTA events. Go to for more details about ISTA.

Model United Nations (MUN)

NIS is an active participant in MUN events in China. We regularly attend a number of MUN events including, Westlake MUN, CISS MUN and BEI MUN. We also host an ACAMIS Middle School MUN.

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